Why You Need to Break Dive

The recent estimates are that 440 blogs are in cyberspace. This number has tripled in the last 5 years and it is likely that this trend will continue.

Unfortunately, the end result is that there is a lot of “clutter” on the web. But, if you are willing to sift and search, you can find some gems.

Case in point, breakdiving.wordpress.com. In short, it is a group of kind-hearted, inspirational, highly motivated individuals who find like-minded and like-hearted people and share.

Yes, share. Share information. Share expertise. Share hopes, dreams, smiles and 1001 other things. You will find topics ranging from language learning to medicine to an encounter with a happy panda. Though the site is young (only about a year), they have already gained quite a number of followers and participants (including yours truly) and a great reputation.

The Internet is a mirror of life – yin and yang. There are things that we love and things that we can do without. Things that inspire us and things that are draining. This site adds brightness and great energy to the Internet. Go there and sign up. Participate. Be someone who adds to the growing, great energy that already exists.

Some people try to change the world by focusing on the external problems. Invariably, they meet with frustration and failure.

Some take on the ultimate challenge and do their best to change themselves. In the process, the world gets better.

Be one of the latter. Sign up today and make your contribution. You never know whose life you may be impacting.


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