The Downward Spiral of Disney

No, they are not going out of business anytime soon. In fact, they will undoubtedly make more money this year than 1000 people will make in a lifetime. . . .combined. Probably more in fact.

But make no mistake, Disney has become less than what it was. The 2018 version is not close to the incredible vision of its founder, Walter E. Disney.

For Walt, it was all about people. Questions like “How can we serve the public better?” swirled around in his consciousness. He wanted to make it about others, knowing full well that in the process of doing so, he (and the company) would make a ton of money.

For the current “leadership” at Disney, they have drifted so far away from the original vision, I suspect view even know what it is. Today, they are all about the bottom line, responsive to the shareholders more than the public. Leadership is deaf to suggestions and is rather disrespectful of locals. It is sad because many will never get to see Disney at it prime when they were about creativity and service.

Yes, it is still a great place to visit. It is just no longer a magical one.


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