No Substitute for Experiencing

About a month ago, I join the Anytime Fitness Ocoee gym. Over time, I have grown to really like this place and appreciate the opportunity to use the kettlebells and rowing machine.  Great owner, really nice trainers and good people are all a part of this facility. Overall, it is a warm, inviting place.

Teaching Systema is my favorite things to do in life. Any and every opportunity to teach and share this great art, I take. As such, it seemed like a perfect fit — great facility and love to teach. We set up a 4-hour seminar for this past Saturday.

It was a good experience overall. More so, it was filled with some major lessons.

For starters, don’t mix business with pleasure (or in this case, pleasure with pleasure). When I train, it is a sanctuary of sorts.  Mixing “David the Teacher” with “David the guy who likes to train” was ill conceived. It reminded me of the Seinfeld episode where “the 2 George’s were colliding.” I love doing both. . . .just not in the same space.

The bigger lessons involved others. It was interesting to see how people interacted. Some came just for 1/3 of the warm-ups and walked out. Some stared in the window and never came in. One came inside yet never participated. A bunch came, participated and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Guess which ones received the most benefit?!

The only way you know is by doing. The stories we tell are just fairy tales based on our imagination or emotion. They are not real. Unless you do, you do not know and any conclusion from an other-than-experience position is fake.

Unless you do, you do not know and any conclusion from an other-than-experience position is fake.

It is unfortunate when individuals base results from fairy tales instead of experience. They rob themselves of the opportunity for pure truth and genuine information. They take away the gift of accuracy and replace it with myth.

Debating with someone who “watched the youtube clip” or “just knows what it is like” and has never done is an exercise in futility. They do not know because they have not done.

It was so unfortunate that a couple of people walked away from this when this may have been exactly what they needed. It may have ended up saving their life even.

I would venture a guess too that this behavior – taking a bit and running away – is a pattern. Here was a chance to break an unhealthy pattern and open the doors of possibility.

Do you want to really learn? Do. Don’t think, imagine, wonder or watch. Roll up your sleeves, go beyond your fear, and take the needed action. Your life will be better because of it.


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