NFL: The Beginning of the End

I used to love football, both playing and watching. Few things more enjoyable than hanging out with friends enjoying a game.

Those days are pretty much over for many.

The National Football League is in steep decline. It now ranks last among popularity for major professional and college sports. Viewership is way down from 2 years ago. As is attendance. Participation in youth leagues – down. It is a sport in serious decline.

There are many reasons, from injuries (particularly concussions) to the increasing cost of insurance to the rise in soccer’s popularity. Perhaps the “star of the show” so to speak is the behavior of many of its players. It is the kneeling during the National Anthem that is the primary source of its decline and potential demise.

Athletes are entertainers of sorts and people go to sporting events to escape their current situation for a few hours. It is a fantasy world – Disneyland with helmets and shoulder pads. People watch for the competition, the hard hits, the incredible throws or interceptions. They bond with those who support the teams they like and razz those who do not. It is fun. It is entertainment. At least it was.

Fun is the purpose and for this form of entertainment, very large, very skilled men get paid millions of dollars. America is the only country where this happens. There are 195 countries. 194 countries, large, skill men would have to find work elsewhere.

A handful of players do not understand this basic, simple concept. It does not matter if they are right in terms of their issue(s). It does not matter if they are wrong. The problem is that the football field is not the place to “discuss” the issue and disrespecting the flag and the National Anthem is not the “vehicle” to convey this or any message.

They have something to say? Find an appropriate place to truly start an intelligent discussion on a given subject, where genuine change has a chance to be implemented.

If this trend continues, the NFL will be out of business within a decade or so.  Viewership and sponsorship will shrink. Participation will weaken to the point where it becomes a fringe sport at best.






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