Near Death Experiences

I recently read yet another book on the topic of Near Death Experiences. It was interesting but the author could not get out of her own way. Her politics colored everything and thus eliminated credibility at least in my own view.

I have read about near death experiences for around 20 years and used to think that if the “real” information was known, life would be different and “better.” Could not have been more wrong.

Here are the conclusions drawn, at least for today:

1. The (NDE) information can be accessed by anyone at any time without having to experience a heart attack, car accident or being hit by lightning.

2. The information “brought back” may or may not be accurate. It is probably accurate. . . FOR THEM. . . but that does not make it a universal truth.

3. There are no shortcuts. If we want to learn something, we must work at it via meditation, prayer, acts of kindness etc.

4. What is happening HERE is what matters. What may or may not happen when we cross over does not matter NOW. To live so far in the future robs us of the greatest gifts we have been given – life, time, now-ness.

5. Those who have NDE are not “gurus.” They are story-tellers and authors. Some try to be teachers with mixed results. They are people who have had odd experiences which can be interpreted in many ways. Even if they “died” for an hour, they still came back. No one that I am aware actually died and 6 years later came back and wrote the definitive book for Simon and Schuester.

6. Have a great life now. Let’s do our very best with each other and with ourselves. The rest will take care of itself.

Yesterday, a horrible terrorist attack happened in London again. A number of people in social media immediately asked questions from her. Why? Their answer would have been as good as the NDEer. Had they meditated or really ponder (or asked those who support this destruction), they are as likely to produce an accurate answer as anyone.

Be your own guru. Look in the mirror to find and you will find your perfect teacher. Rely on others for inspiration, differing opinions, and assistance at times. Life comes with a series of bumps and bruises. At the end of the day, it is your life. Make the most of it.

Who knows what happens when this show is over. Personally, I am no hurry to find out.


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