Movement is Medicine

I bring the training to You

Experience improved energy, flexibility, clarity, sleep patterns, coordination, balance,  creativity and other traits that will help you feel better, look better and improve the quality of your life.  I come to your home, facility, school or office for added convenience.

Learn powerful easy movements in a fun and relaxed way.

What I Offer

Group and Private Classes, Workshops and Lectures in:

  • Tai Chi
  • Qi Gong
  • Bagua (a more advanced form of Tai Chi)
  • Oriental/Natural Medicine principles and applications
  • Nutrition
  • Herbs
  • Specialized Breathing Methods for added energy, unique ones for fat/weight loss and overall health improvement.
  • Healing Acupressure Techniques

Benefits to You

All of the classes I teach will help you improve your health, vitality, and longevity as well as invigorate the Spirit and provide a zest for life.

Students in my classes experience improved physical strength, balance, flexibility and memory, all the while discovering a new joy in their lives.

I am passionate about teaching and helping others improve their well-being in order to live a more heart-driven life.

What separates me as a Teacher from others is my extensive background in Natural Medicine which I bring to each class.

Over the years, I have treated 1000s of patients, taught at major universities and colleges and lectured to Congress. These experiences helped me cultivate a unique program to help all types of people.

Learn and heal at the same time

Jane Ducey

These are the greatest classes I have ever taken. Nothing short of life-changing!  My health and energy jumped up so dramatically and I am so much happier!

To set up a class, seminar or private lesson, contact David Orman:

  • 407-810-2171

Phone: 407-401-9092
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