In Person

Movement is Medicine Classes

I bring the lessons to you

Experience a new found inspiration and zest for life through ancient methods with a modern twist.  I come to your home, facility, school or office for added convenience.

Learn easy movements in a fun and relaxed way.

What I Offer

Group and Private Classes, Workshops and Lectures in:

  • Tai Chi
  • Qi Gong
  • Bagua
  • Oriental/Natural Medicine principles and applications
  • Nutrition
  • Herbs
  • Specialized Breathing Methods for added energy, unique ones for fat/weight loss and overall health improvement.
  • Healing Acupressure Techniques

Benefits to You:

All of the classes I teach will help you improve your health, vitality, and longevity as well as invigorate the Spirit and provide a zest for life.

Students in my classes experience improved physical strength, balance, flexibility and memory, all the while discovering a new joy in their lives.

I am passionate about teaching and helping others improve their well-being in order to live a more heart-driven life.

What separates me as a Teacher from others is my extensive background in Natural Medicine which I bring to each class.

Learn and heal at the same time

Jane Ducey

These are the greatest classes I have ever taken. Nothing short of life-changing!  My health and energy jumped up so dramatically and I am so much happier!

To set up a class, seminar or private lesson, contact David Orman:

  • 407-810-2171

Phone: 407-401-9092
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