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HOME Diagnosis

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Just email a couple of  pictures or short video clip of your home in its typical state ; that is, do not do a major cleaning or straighten it up when that is not its normal state and I will provide a detailed description involving:

    • Your health issues, the reasons for them and what can be done to correct them.
    • Financial patterns - why you don't have money and what to do to get the amount you want OR if you do have money, how you can use it to improve the way you feel about your life.
    • Relationships - If you want one, I can provide a direction to help achieve your desires. If you are in one, I can provide specifics as to how to improve it.
    • Personal insights - this is the "wild card," the things you may never have considered or thought about

Find out how the colors of your home and the way you use the space is a reflection of the above. I will give you ideas of how you can immediately make improvements with minor changes in your current living environment.

This is not a type of psychic reading. I have no idea what the winning lottery numbers will be or if your late Uncle Louie is doing fine now.

This methodology is based on modern quantum physics, ancient principles of Oriental medicine and parts of Asian culture which I have studied and mastered.

Lori ReffettArt Designer, Universal Studios

I am so happy that I decided to get my Home Diagnosis done by you. The detailed information along with ways to make subtle improvements have shifted so many areas in my life. Thank you once again David for your expertise and the gentle way you handled such personal and sometimes sensitive issues. Your insights and abilities are like none other. Thank you so much for everything.

Now is the Time to Take Action

NORMALLY, this service is $299.

Today, the cost is only $149 and comes with a series of BONUSES FREE. There is also my guarantee - If your life does not significantly improve after applying all of the changes within 90 days, I will refund your money.

Nothing to lose. A LIFE to GAIN!

Lynne JonesAccountant

My life took a HUGE step forward after taking David's information and applying it step by step. I am thrilled to the bone!

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