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The 9 esoteric Seals, known as the "Jiuzi Miling" can release hidden, untapped potential that resides within each of us. 

Also known as the "9 Character Hand Seals," these simple to perform hand movements and accompanying meditation are little known, powerful methods. They connect various acupuncture points and meridians (pathways of energy) allowing for hidden skills and talents to come forth.

Practiced on a regular basis, dramatic results can occur.‚Äč

Benefits You Experience

Open the Chakras

Chakras are the energy centers in the body associated with the glands on a physical level and with unique skills on the energetic level. Opening and balancing them is a powerful experience but only when done in a specific way. Learn how.

Decrease Pain             

Pain can be distracting and exhausting. Prescriptions can be problematic. Nutritional supplements can be expensive. Learn to tap into your body's natural ability to heal and clear pain.

Enhance Wellness

Tired of being tired? Dealing with obesity? These simple hand seals will increase overall health and vitality. Additionally, they often provide the "zest" that is missing from life for some individuals. Let this fill in the missing spaces.

Increase Overall Sensitivity

Do you ever wish you could trust your intuition? Or ask a question and know that, beyond a doubt, the answer you receive is correct. Hand Seals can help to increase one's sensitivity and intuition.

Time to Take Action and Finally Make the Changes You Have Been Wanting

You have wanted to improve your health, your physique, your overall energy and your life. NOW is the time to take the action. Go from "I want" to "I AM." Order now and start to LIVE the life you want, not just dream about it!