Blessings for Not Giving Up

Ever feel like you do not matter? That if you just vanished, maybe 5 people would be upset. 6 at the most. 10 if you are really, really lucky.

It is certainly a natural part of life, moments we all experience in one form or another.

We see others with less talent or skill making it “big” and wonder “Why them?” which really means, “Why not me?”

We see others happy, blissful and joyous and feel confused by their reaction. How can they be so happy when I am not?

Someone writes a book, builts a site or takes up a cause and next thing you know, they are having an impact on thousands or even millions. All the while, the same desires and willingness to make an impact continues to build and build and build inside of you, with nowhere to go. It stays in a state of limbo, like a bottomless landfill of unanswered prayers and forgotten dreams.

Do I not matter enough to be heard? Am I just another nameless, faceless cog in some gigantic machine, invisible to most and important to virtually none? Is my fate sealed and then tossed aside, crumpled up like a used Post-It note?

Hopelessness can be a searing pain that strips away our vision and prospects for a brighter future. The thing is, it is just a feeling, not fate. When you stop wearing it like the eighth layer of skin, you see it is just a bad day or a poor decision. A moment in time. It is contextually specific, not global.

“My entire life is horrible!” Probably not. One or 2 or 3 things may be, but the other 97 or 98 or 99% is great. Or at least good.

One of the bravest things you can do is to continuing your life when you don’t really want to. Show your face when you want to hide. Scream to the heavens when you just want to be silent. Ask for help when Pride tells you there is some kind of honor in suffering.

And lastly, which is really the one we should start with, go find someone else and help them.

We are here on dear Mother Earth to help others. There may be 1001 other reasons but this one sits firmly at the top of the list.

If you reading this, you know that all passes eventually. Yin turns into yang which turns back to yin, ad infinitum. Some people don’t know.

Seek them out. Let them know that you know, you care and you can and will help. In the process, 2 people will be healed.

May we be blessed with the fortitude to go beyond the feeling of hopelessness, even when it is difficult and find the ray of light. Then, may we shine it on someone else who needs it even more.


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