Best and the Worst from Irma

Hurricane Irma was horrible. Florida, among other places, took a beating. We still do not know about the Keys and how much as survived. It will take a very long time to recover and the landscape will forever be altered.

I have said this frequently: Stressful events do not bring out the best or the worst, it brings out the “more.” If a person tends toward kind, events like this will bring out more kindness. And of course, the opposite is true. Here are 3 highlights and lowlights from this terrible experience.

The 3 Stars 

  1. Police and other First responders. At least in our area, the police, fire fighters and other first-responders have been outstanding. (I would STRONGLY suspect such is the case in other areas as well.) They have gone over and above the call of duty to help people out. Despite the high stress, they have been calm and caring. Once this has settled and life is back to normal, a day of appreciation is in order.
  2. Publix Supermarket. The managers and employees at the Publix in Ocoee have set the standard for kindness, thoughtfulness and being helpful. They were exhausted yet maintained a facade of courtesy. The managers ran things in an incredibly smooth and effective way. Despite the numbers of panicked people, they were always calm.
  3.  Neighbors. Old fashion neighborhoods are a part of history, or so the story goes. Maybe, under most conditions, this may be the case. When stressful situations come about, the vast majority step it up. Neighbors take care of neighbors. Facts like race and religion do not matters. Only people do and during this situation, beauty rose to the top.

The 3 Worst

  1. Duke Energy. FPL and Progress Energy are excellent. We loved them and never had any problem whatsoever. Duke is on the other end. Incompetent and not eager to change. Not surprisingly, they are ranked last among power companies.
  2. Yahoo News. Instead of reporting news that can help so many suffering, this disgusting company decides to rip into the president about global warming. SERIOUSLY? NOW?!!  11 people have died. Thousands are without homes. Millions without power and this is the headline??!! Regardless of which side of the aisle you are on, this is totally unacceptable. Yahoo is a disgusting company and moments like this, they stoop to new lows.
  3.  Looters and their defenders. As mentioned, people are losing their homes. Flooding and wind damage have destroyed their lives and in the midst of this, some people decide to steal. If this isn’t bad enough, there are those who try and defend the thieves. There is NO defense. They are not taking food or water to prevent dying. They are stealing sneakers and electronic equipment because they are thieves. And you the defenders defend this? Sorry, you are part of the problem.

The best get better and the worst sink to new lows. I wonder what will it take for the latter to change into the former? Is it even possible?

Maybe over time,  with more and more people rising to meet the occasions with class and honor, the few will have less places to hide. Maybe then. . . . .


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