Be Willing to Stay the Course

There is a rather harsh ancient saying that, despite the rough edges, gets the point across. It goes like this, “Stand by the river long enough and the body of your enemy will eventually float by.”

Like a said. A little rough.

If we said it today’s language, it would read something akin to this:”If you are willing to stay the course, you will eventually get everything you want. Without exception. And more.”

My wife and I live in a great neighborhood but like everywhere else on planet Earth, it is far from perfect. There are 2 main issues: 1. The Home Owner’s Association board is horrible and 2. There is a hill that is eroding significantly. Despite repeated letters, it still is eroding. Both of these issues have been going on for about 5 years.


“If you are willing to stay the course, you will eventually get everything you want. Without exception. And more.”


Until this past week.

The Board members are retiring and yesterday, the hill was fixed. This may explain the solar eclipse.

Humor aside, it is a lesson that repeats itself, certainly in my life. I have seen it countless times with others as well. The issue is Patience.

Patience is a challenge. It is not loud but rather speaks in a whisper. It tells you to do. . . . nothing. . . . and things will change the way you wish. As humans (particularly as Americans), we are built to DO something. The art of waiting for change to occur is a learned concept, one in which some of us are still very much learning.

It shows up everywhere. Some of the greatest martial artists I have ever met are not the most athletic or the strongest or have the greatest physique. Instead, they simply withstood the test of time. They kept showing up when everyone else quit. If someone is too tired or a little under the weather, they did not show up. The Masters did and it was that willingness that forged their character.

Whatever your beautiful heart desires is waiting for you. It is the ring in the Lord of the Rings, wanting you and much as you are wanting it. Stay the course. It will find you.



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