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The course that takes simple movement and turns it into a Life Changing Practice!

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This Video Course will teach not only how to do a health building series of movements, but you'll learn what the movements mean and How it will Change Your Life for the Better.

Bagua. Funny word, isn't it?!  It is pronounced "Baa- gwaa." Think of it as an advanced form of Tai Chi. Not advanced in the sense that it is difficult - it is easier than Tai Chi - advanced in that the benefits are dramatic.

As a martial artist for more than 30 years, I have trained in many arts and forms. Bagua is one of the very best in terms of what it can do to help improve one's life. I could not imagine a day without it.

David Orman 
Instructor, Holder of 4 Black Belts

What is Bagua?

Bagua is an amazing martial art that is characterized by circular movements. It is used for both self protection and for personal development. It has a history that dates 1000s of years back and has been used for centuries to improve health, heal emotions and traumas and greatly improve one's self image. Simple to learn, the benefits (see below) and the impact in has on the spirit is unlike anything you have experienced.  I refer to it as "movement therapy."

Some people learn martial arts for self-protection. Others for self-growth. In this video class, we will focus on the latter and how it can dramatically improve your health and your life.

Bagua is an amazing, easy to learn art that truly is a life-changer. Learn to "walk the circle" and experience the release from the past and the ability to step into the future with grace and ease.

What You Will Receive

  • Complete video course with full instruction
  • Access to David Orman, Instructor, in the event you have any questions. This includes email or phone consultations
  • Video review. If you want your form evaluated, David will do this at NO extra charge.​

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Begin your quest for your new health, new outlook and new life today! Start learning to walk the circle. 

How You Will Benefit

Increases Energy and Improves overall Health 

Feeling sluggish and tired. No zest for life? This program will dramatically increase your health and well-being.

Improves Memory and Creativity             

Bagua is not just for the body but also for the mind. Increases mental acuity and improves your memory. Tap into the resources of creativity and open the door to positive change trough movement.

Clears Limitations            

Break free of the "personal fences." Jump over doubts and clear the fear. Begin to experience the freedom that you are entitled to!

Spiritual and Personal Growth             

Bagua also helps a person tap into their true spiritual nature. Regardless of the religion a person practices, Bagua helps to strengthen this bond and cultivate a deeper relationship with the non-physical.

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