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Meet David Orman

David Orman
Dr. David Orman has been called "one of the most effective, creative, intelligent and caring natural health practitioners around" by none other than Dr. Victor Penzer, a former colleague of Albert Einstein.

Dr. Orman has treated 1000s of patients over the years. Men and women, ages 8 to 88 have sought treatment from around the country, as well as places such as U.K., South Africa, Japan, Canada, Bahamas, Spain and other nations. His outstanding results have produced constant requests for treatment and a great following. His 20,000 followers on social media and consistent requests to teach, lecture and host workshops attest to this.

David has lectured to Congress, taught at major colleges and universities, Editor of the the California Acupuncture Association Journal and Bylaws Chairman of the American Oriental Medical Association, been featured in The Washingtonian Magazine as well as TV and radio. He has written some of the most inspiring articles from both the world of Natural Health as well as personal learnings and experiences.

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In his personal life, David is an avid martial artist, holding 4 black belts and is the first person to bring the Russian martial art of Systema to the Greater Orlando area. He is the founder of Central Florida Systema and is also a dedicated student of Toyama Ryu Batto Jutsu (Japanese sword). David also runs marathons and is learning the Japanese language.

Meet Lisa Leitl

Lisa has spent her life as a successful Fine Artist. In her early career, she worked full-time as a highly successful vocalist, actor and voice over artist. With over 20 years of professional performance experience, Lisa knows first-hand the pressure of performing in front of packed arenas and the unique challenges of creating intimate shows for smaller venues.

A career that is generally looked upon as risky, financially unrewarding or “impossible,” she found herself continually pushing the boundaries of performing arts, taking her career to new levels of financial and personal success.

When she was finally ready to retire from her life as a performing artist, a new adventure was waiting. She, along with her husband David, started a Healthy Aging and Wellness business. They have since reached levels of success never dreamed possible. Their life has now become its own living, breathing testimonial.

Their passion is not in selling products. They are truly invested in living a healthy wellness life and are sharing that type of healthy living with others.

Today, Lisa continues her love for music by studying guitar and flute, as well as continuing her academic studies in Music Theory. She is deeply devoted to helping other artists develop their craft and turn their own true passions into their life's work.

In her private life, Lisa has also taken on such challenges as competitive figure skating, Kyudo (Japanese Archery) and running including full marathons.

Jane DuceyTriathlete, Author

Working with David and Lisa has been nothing short of life changing for me. No matter what the situation was, a creative solution was found. I am very impressed and thankful to them.

 Why Us

As you can see, we are living the life that we are teaching. Additionally, we excel at teaching, sharing and shaping the information to help you create the life of your dreams.  It is our unique approach coupled with vast educational and real-world experiences that make us unique. 


Others do this work. We live it. Work with us and you will too.


Whether you are new to the world of natural medicine or, like us, you have been immersed in holistic living, we love that you are here.  It is our deepest desire to share information gathered from first-hand experiences. We know that you will benefit greatly from our expertise and find new ways to improve your health and your life.

In your own way, in your own style, using the tools such as online courses, webinars and products recommended by an expert in the field of natural medicine,  you can have the health, abundance, and excitement that you secretly (or not so secretly) crave.

Cancer or diabetes is not the worst disease. Boredom is. It is the monotony of the daily grind that contributes to poor eating, unhealthy habits and limiting beliefs. Allow us to help you by bringing inspiration and wellness education into your life. Use the skills you will learn here to make the necessary changes so that you too can live an extraordinary life.

We are here for you. Time to claim your Great Life!



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