7 ways to Get the Negativity Out of Your Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, snapchat etc., are some of the major players in what I call “anti-social media.” A good percentage continues to be a haven for harshness and negativity. With the “safety” of hiding behind the keyboard, things that never would be spoken to another person’s face are routinely written.

Additionally, the effects, but short and long term are rather disturbing. In a recent Forbes article, they state that social media is “addictive” and “just 1 hour of viewing makes teens miserable.” I would suggest that it has the same type of effect on adults too.

Some of us run businesses via the Internet and social media and unfortunately have to comb through the harshness. Here are ways to make the experience more enjoyable (or at least less negative):

  1. Install F.B. Purity app for Facebook. It is a free app that allows you to block portions of your page. For example, Facebook’s News Section is notorious for being negative and biased, so with the check of a box on F.B. Purity, it no longer shows up on my page.
  2. Unfollow or unfriend those who repeated post nasty comments. If you are actual friends or coworkers with said individuals, unfollow. That way, the friendship is maintained and no awkwardness is noted. And you no longer are exposed to their antagonistic attitude. For those you do not really know and most likely never will simply unfriend. It is not worth the pounding to your psyche.
  3. Set a timer. Give yourself an allotment of time, say 15 minutes to post what is needed, read a story or 2 and go on to something productive in your life. As noted in the Forbes article, (anti-) social media has an addictive nature to it.
  4. Engage but never argue. Offer favorable support via comments but never argue with someone. In the history of the Internet, no one’s mind has ever been changed. No amount of facts, proof or logic will alter an opinion. An argument will simply escalate to the point of hypertension. It is not worth it and you will never achieve the outcome you are looking for.
  5. Keep it in perspective. It is unlikely you have 5000 friends. Consider yourself extremely fortunate if you have 5. Online “friends” are a fanciful concept, a story that feeds social media. Maintain a healthy mindset and recognize what is important and what is not. Teach your kids the same. Your spouse matters. Your family matters. Your “FB friends” or “Twitter followers” do not fall in this category.
  6. Be respectful. It is a clique but treat others the way you wish to be treated. It does not always work on social media BY ANY MEANS. Nevertheless, you can feel good about yourself by the way you handle all social media situations.
  7. Have fun. Here is a novel idea. Maintain a light heartedness to the whole situation. If you had a week left on this planet, posting on Instagram would not be high on the priority list. Play and enjoy the sections of social media that are in fact, entertaining or informative.

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