7 Habits of the Healthy

Those who don’t, call it “luck” or “good genes.”

Those who do, know it is consistency, diligence and dedication.

I am referring to the habits that the healthy have. These are the individuals who have a ton of energy, rarely get ill and if they do, recover quickly. It is not luck. It is not good fortunate. It is a series of habits that they do that other do not.

Here they are:

1. They keep the heart strong. The heart in Natural Medicine is considered “The Emperor;” that is, it you focus on keeping this organ/muscle strong, the rest of the body will follow suit.

Nutrition such as almonds and strawberries and herbs such as Schizandrae and Red Ginseng are excellent ways of achieving this goal.

2. They follow their fascination. This is more like Part 1a. When you follow your passions, it creates joy and happiness in your life. The 2 emotions are as good for the heart as the aforementioned foods and herbs. They are the “emotional nutrition” for the heart.

Conversely, taking jobs because of “the benefits” or doing things because “we are supposed to” will weaken the heart as much as smoking or some other unhealthy activity.

3. Balance hormones. Though there are many hormones, the Big 4 are human growth hormone, melatonin, DHEA and the sex hormones. Balance and keep these at ideal levels and you will find the “aging clock” slowing, stopping or turning back.

How? In order. . . Doc Wellness Supplement, Melatonin tabs, DHEA and either progesterone (for women) or Stinging Nettles (for men). The middle 2 should be taking only every OTHER day while the others can be taking regularly.

4. Eat less and enjoy it more. Perhaps the best anti-aging therapy is calorie reduction. This is linked to lower incidences of problems, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s among others.

Deeply connected to this is enjoyment. If you are eating while reading or texting or watching TV etc., you will have a tendency to eat too much and too fast. The faster you eat, the more you consume (the more you will gain weight). Slow down and enjoy the experience. Make it a celebration. Give thanks for the opportunity to have something to eat. Many, unfortunately, are not afforded such an experience.

5. Exercise. There is simply no way around this. You have to move. Our bodies particularly, THE major aspect of the immune system — the lymphatic system — depends upon movement.

Now if you hate the gym, don’t go. Find something that brings enjoyment while moving and sweating at the same time. The best exercise? The one that you enjoy. It will keep you going regularly, and thus keep your lymphatics flowing and immunity strong.

6. Build. Don’t Drain. There are always health fads and one of the latest. . and worse . . . is detoxification methods. It is not that detox methods themselves are “bad” per say, it is just that most people are already deficient. You NEVER want to drain an already drained system.

If you train regularly and rigorously, the body’s own detoxification “methods” will take care of themselves. If you want to add to this, pick something reasonable and time it perfectly.

The ideal time is Spring. Adding lemon juice, green drinks or mini-fasts IF you can handle this can be helpful for some. Most will benefit much more so by tonifying (strengthening) their system, not draining it.

7. Personalize Nutritional Regimen. The age of “If you eat right, you don’t need supplements” is long gone. Between GMOs and junk food (this may be a redundancy), most people CANNOT eat right, and thus must supplement.

The key is to personalize it. One size fits no one. Order a “Doctor’s Visit” or something along these lines and get a nutritional protocol for your system. That is the only way to rest assure you are getting what YOUR system needs.


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