• Are there circumstances blocking your happiness or success in daily life?
  • What if you could re-frame your life circumstances so that extraordinary accomplishments can become a normal everyday occurrence for you?!
  • What do you really want from your life? 
  • Are you a Seeker?  Someone who is always looking to expand their skills and field of knowledge? 

About the Course

Welcome to 33 Days to Freedom, the online course that teaches you ways to shift perceptions and beliefs and totally transform your life.

Once you enter the private membership group, you will have full access to the written and video lessons for each day. All 33 Days are online for you to study at your own pace. If you have questions, David will address them in detail. This course is not passive. There are specific Action Steps for you to take in order to get the most from your investment.

David has shared little known and powerful methods that have been passed along from the Ancient and Modern-Day Masters. Now he is sharing them with you! These timeless methods are incredibly useful and effective for the challenges we face today.

Topics include energy medicine, acupressure points, meditation, martial arts such as Qi Gong, mudras and herbal therapy. You will learn to clear blockages, open energetic pathways and create a life full of unlimited possibility.

Even though the material may be new to most, the manner in which it is presented is easy to learn and apply. This is the mark of a great teacher one who can take the complex and make it simple to understand.

I know of no other methods that are so profound and life changing as the ones I will share here with you.
David Orman
 Course Instructor

About Your Instructor

Dr. David Orman is an Acupuncture Physician, Master Herbalist and Expert in the field of Natural Medicine. He has lectured to Congress, taught at major colleges and universities, been featured in The Washingtonian Magazine and has treated 1000s of patients over the course of this career. David is considered one of the elite health providers and people from all  over the globe have sought his treatments.

Aside from his expertise in the world of Natural Heath, David has been a martial artist for over 3 decades. He holds 4 black belts and is the Founder of the first school for Russian Martial Arts in the Greater Orlando area. He also trained in Tai Qi, Qi Gong, Bagua and other internal arts.

Additionally, David has been a life-long student of Taoism.​

"It is the combination of Natural Health expertise, Acupressure Points, special breathing methods from the Martial Arts and secret practices from Taoism that have been combined to make this course both powerful and unique."

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