3 Ways to Reduce “Stress Eating”

Overeating along as its list of major problems and issues that contribute to health problems. Add stress into the mix and now you have compounded the problem greatly.

Here are 3 solid suggestions to help with this issue. Apply each and you can break the stress/eating connection in no time.

  1. Avoid caffeine or alcohol when stressed. These typically exacerbate the issues or the feelings. Feeling worried? You will end up more worried. Also, the body will store these calories as fat.
  2. Increase protein. By adding protein, your blood sugar will remain in a much more stable zone. When the blood sugar is out of range, the body often produces feelings that are interpreted as anxiety. To quell these feelings, some people will then eat more and so the cycle begins.
  3.  Incorporate omega-3 fatty acids. Examples include walnuts, salmon, avocado, and flaxseed. These healthy fats contribute mood improvement and lower inflammation.

Overall, these 3 will begin to break the unhealthy pattern of “I feel stress so I will (over) eat.”

An overall guideline to follow: When happy, eat. When anything else, don’t.

Sometimes the simplest guides are the best.


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