3 Odd But Effective Ways to Lose Fat

For starters, let me qualify – IF you are not eating a healthy diet AND exercising properly, the suggestions below will be of little value.  It is analogous to fixing a light bulb as the Titanic is going down.

IF you are eating in a healthy way, taking proper supplements (such as Doc Wellness Supplement) and exercising, the suggestions below will give you an added advantage. (i.e. “those last 8 pounds”)

Here we go.

  • Wear some vanilla

Scientists from London hospital noted that people who put vanilla patches (or essential oil) on their hands altered serotonin levels in their brain,  making them less likely to eat chocolate or fattening snacks.

  • Be more tasteful

If your dinner is loaded with different flavors – pronounced flavors -then it is likely to help burn off the fat., according to a paper published in journal Flavour. Researchers found that more unexpected and pronounced flavors in a meal make you eat 10-15% less.

  • Try social media motivation

Although your friends might get bored hearing about your diet, the (anti-)Social Media people will always have something to say. Mind you, you may not always (or ever) want to hear it and some can be vicious, it helps to a degree. According to the American Medical Informatics Association, people who posted a photo of every meal to fellow dieters on social media were more likely to have a healthier diet and burn off more fat.


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